Mark Harris – Founder & CEO

My name is Mark Harris, and I’d like to Welcome You To The Thought Leadership Alliance Website.

We are dedicated helping you obtain The Ultimate Strategic Advantage. You may be asking: “what is that?” or “how do you do that?”
The answer is quite simple. It’s all about “Putting Valuable Ideas Into Action”. Whether you’re an individual, working on a
team, building a company, or running a world-wide organization, all growth, achievement, and success comes through ideas being put into action. Of course, while this idea is simple (and profound), sometimes it’s not always easy to execute.


So, The Thought Leadership Alliance is continually bringing on the best minds in the world, to help you and your people, find & create better and more useful ideas, and give you the tools & strategies for implementing those ideas in your team, business or organization; and most importantly, your life.

The Ultimate Strategic Advantage of today, and into the future, will ALL hinge on your ability, and all of your people’s ability, to daily implement valuable ideas. These thoughts can be big or small, grandiose or simple. They can change the way you do a task, or they can change the way you run your organization. They can save you money or they can make you money. They can be time-saving
ideas, or they can be ways to help serve your clients, or the marketplace better. Either way, putting ideas into action is the answer, and we at Thought Leadership Alliance are here to help you make that happen.

We will help you and your team travel through each and every stage of Idea execution, to achieve the highest levels of thought leadership. This personal, team or organizational journey will lead each participant to greater heights of thinking and leadership. And, if your goal is to be recognized as a Thought leader in your profession, your company, your industry or your community, we will help you there as well. There is no better way, to grow your income, your service, your influence to clients and the marketplace, than to be recognized as a Thought Leader.

The easiest way to get started is to attend our Free Webinar entitled: Thought Leadership – The Ultimate Strategic Advantage. and you will be on your way to transforming your Team, business, organization, and your life.